Club Rules


2021 (Updated rules):


These rules rely on the honesty and sportsmanship of all members and their respect for sport fishing and game fishing ethics.

  • All fish must be caught in accordance with IGFA Rules with a maximum line class of 60kg. Sport fishing for the club will include bottom fishing and the following rules apply:
  • Club members are allowed the use of electric fishing reels with no requirements from that member to justify the use of the electric fishing reel. (members should note that should they wish to weigh any fish for IGFA trophy status then their rules on this matter are required to be followed to be eligible). This includes their use in the Pukemanu Open Fishing Competition by all entrants that wish to use them.
  • All fish must be hooked, fought and landed on a rod and reel from a boat by one angler as defined by IGFA regulations. (Exception as above for club weigh-ins only)
  • No other person may touch the tackle except the trace at landing of the fish.
  • For club angling days and competitions all fish must be weighed on club authorised scales, manned by a designated weigh person.
  • All species landed and taken must be legal as given in fisheries regulations.
  • Any dispute will be settled by the club committee at the earliest convenient time, their decision is final.
  • Only current financial members may have their fish weighed and recorded by the weigh master.
  • Chumming (berlying) with or using as bait any part of mammals is prohibited.
  • No fish shall be mutilated, shot or harpooned.
  • All members are encouraged to respect and take care of our fisheries.
  • The club, it’s committee and members cannot be held liable for injury or death during club events.
  • All angling and boating are done at the members own risk.
  • Pukemanu Boating & Fishing Club Inc. Waters are described as all the Pacific Ocean between Honeycomb Rock in the North and Turakirae Heads in the South.
  • Only 1 fish of each species will count towards competition points per weekend, the onus is on anglers to ensure the weighmaster knows which fish to accept if a second fish is weighed in the following day.

Points for the club champion angler will only be recorded from the club day results. Individual angler points are scored as follows:

  • 50 points for each species weighed
  • 10 points per kilo for the following species: Barracouta, Blue Cod, Blue Nose, Groper/Bass, Trumpeter, Kingfish, Snapper, Trevally, Red Cod, Terakihi, John Dory, Kahawai, Gurnard and Tuna.
  • Only sharks over 70kgs will be weighed and recognised by the club unless for the nationals when in line weight competition.
  • All boat MUST LOG ON/ LOG OFF on club days to qualify for club points. The call sign is PUKEMANU RADIO on channel 4. Any boats fishing outside of channel 4 must contact the radio watch by telephone, the number will be advertised in the latest newsletter. The start time for the radio will also be confirmed in the newsletter prior to each club day.
  • All fish must be weighed by 1800 hours on Sunday.
  • All weigh sheets must be at the weighmasters by 1800 hours Monday following the club weekend.
  • There has to be a minimum of two(2) boats log on to constitute a club weekend.
  • Club records will be kept of the heaviest fish in each species with all game fish recording line weights in each species.
  • Fish must be caught in our waters for all club records and trophies.
  • Juniors must be under 16years of age on July 1
  • Bottom fish can be caught on a non IGFA trace. All other gear must comply.

The committee reserves the right to change these rules at any time. It is the Committees responsibility to notify members of any proposed changes.
(Updated version 24 July 2016)