Fishing club results December 2018

Pukemanu Boating and Fishing December 8/9 2018-12-10

1st Ian Warren

2nd Gary Warren

3rd Owen Riddell

Average Blue Cod:

Jacob Warren  1.50

Average Tarakihi:

Heath Riddell  1.04

Average Angler:

Heath Riddell

Mystery fish:  Blue Nose   Al Cundy 3.95

Heaviest fish:

Barracoutta:   Gary Warren   3.88

Blue Cod:        Gary Warren   2.64

Blue Nose:      Al Cundy  3.95

Groper:            Ian Warren  24.14

Gurnard:         Rickey Auburn  1.31

Kahawai:         Willy Rosingrave  2.02

Kingfish:         Monty Warren   8.19

Red Cod:       Tony Rosingrave   2.22

Tarakihi:        Jacob Warren     2.22

Trevally:        Don Finlayson   1.99

Club Weekend Photos

Last weekend’s club weekend. The Warren’s with a great catch and a little ngawegian president with a ngawi club member size catch!!

Ian Warren with his 24.14 kg groper caught out of Ngawi, December club weekend. Christmas sorted!!

Al Cindy’s Bluenose catch off ngawi. Club weekend. Just under 4 kg.

On board with Al, Don with his Bluenose catch. Note the rough sea out of Ngawi!